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with the suspect. and in that exchange as pete williams reported, one tsa employee was injured, fatally. he's now reported to have been killed. at least one other tsa agent is injured, there's been video of him escorted into an ambulance and perhaps one or two other people, we don't know whether they are tsa employees or other passengers in the crowded area, injured as well. in a half hour there's going to be a news conference from lapd chief charlie beck and mayor eric garcetti and they'll have the answers to some questions still unknown at this point. was this individual acting alone? is that confirmed that he acted alone? we have a report about a half hour ago that the incident according to federal officials was described as being over. but there still is a pursuit and investigation throughout this crowded airport to see whether or not there was anybody working in concert with this alleged suspect. >> the gunman in custody. what eyewitnesses saying they saw and heard. eight and ten shots they thought they heard there? >> that's the number of shots that have come from a couple of eyewitnesses -
mission and claiming the tsa vi litted his constitutional rights. one officer, hernandez was killed and two others wounded along with one civilian. jennifer yorkland joins us live with what investigators have learned and also i understand a statement from an attorney representing the family is out or due to be out soon here? >> reporter: yes, tamron, in fact we just heard from the family attorney who read a prepared statement just a few minutes ago. take a listen. >> we like most americans are shocked and numbed by the tragic events of last friday. we acknowledge the need to understand what happened and why it happened. and to that end we as the ciancia family have cooperated with law enforcement agencies with the last several days. it is important to express our deep and sincere sympathy -- >> reporter: you can see here at lax, paul ciancia open fire at the bottom of the stairs where flowers are where the tsa agent fell. he went up the escalator and turned around because he saw he was moving and fired again according to officials. but the 23-year-old accomplished two of his goals w
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)